How To Have A Good Beginning To A Story


You should always start a story in a way that excites your audience. It should make your audience more anxious and curious to read or listen more to you. It should be meant to get their attention. Start in a way that gets their attention and makes them want to hear from you; for example, you can start with a question, a song or another short story. You need to understand that what is important is how you make your audience feel. You should make them feel curious and excited to hear the rest of the story. A story is told in many situations it can be in the middle of a learning situation or even at a time set aside for storytelling it is not necessary the learn but at least they should be entertained. It is therefore essential for you to start in a way that will catch the attention of your audience and make them concentrate on you. You should also consider having the storylines written down else you will forget and you will not be able to follow up to the attention you created, therefore, ensure you have your storyline written from the start at least to keep you informed. Click here to learn more.

Start your story in the way that it will match the rest of the story. Also, consider your audience the start and the story itself should adequately match your audience. You should consider starting your account with something funny, odd or even mysterious; this will make your audience attracted to you. Am sure you do not want to lose your audience even before you start to ensure you are, taking the listen to you and this is done from the introduction and also by making them participate in between the lines. You can also decide to start with a startling fact, and this will make your listeners want to hear more about what you intend to talk about. This fact gives your listeners a clue of what you want to talk about and therefore catching their attention. You can also decide to ask a question, for example, you can ask ‘have you ever seen an ogre?’ Automatically this gives your listeners the excitement to want to hear more about ogres. Consider starting with something that will take your listeners away instead of listening to you. Ensure that you don’t lose their attention even before you have it. An excellent beginning to a story catches the attention of the listeners. Visit website link for more:


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