Tips on Ways to Start a Story


The starting of a story is what determines if a reader will continue reading the book or they will leave it at that point. Therefore, if you need to write a book which will be read by many people, you should consider how to make the beginning of your story more interesting to attract many people. There are different ways to begin your story which would make the story interesting of which you should try the best technique to make your story more captivating.

You should consider introducing your main character to the reader. The book has to have a conflict; therefore, when introducing the main character, you should consider stating their conflict to ensure you get the reader by making them need to know more about your character and how they solved their issues. Click here for more info.

You can start it with a memory. It would be intriguing giving a reader a memory of your character. It gives them the suspense of needing to know the kind of a person the character is at now considering their past. However, you should consider plotting the memory carefully to ensure you get the readers hooked up to read more to know what happened.

You should decide to begin your story with ambiguous action. You should describe the action, but it should be confusing. However, you should not leave the reader in a confusion state with lots of questions without answers. You should at least give one or two answers for the readers’ questions for them to have at least the clue of what is happening and they can proceed with the novel to know more about the action.

Sometimes you may start the book with the prologue. The prologue is a piece of your story where you share with your readers on what to find in your book. Most probably, it should have the main character and should be captivating to get your readers hooked to know what transpired up to the prologue and what happened later after the prologue.

You should consider starting with what the reader would not expect. Therefore, you need to determine how the writers would want you to start the book and then start with the opposite. For example, when writing a story, you are expected to be sitting on a chair or desk, however, if you are sitting in the bathtub when writing it is entirely different to what the reader would expect. Therefore, it would be interesting for them to know why you are in a bathing tub and not in a desk because there has to have a reason which they don’t know what it is and they would need to know. For more about story writing, visit:

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